What can you do with Press LT app?

With various mobile devices becoming more and more popular around the world, the range of their application programs also increases. The group of companies Penki kontinentai that is ever at the forefront of the latest technology, has immediately offered a new software solution for those who can not imagine their life without their favorite newspapers and magazines. The survey recently carried out by the portal prenumerata.lt revealed that 41 per cent of Lithuania’s residents will be more than happy to read and subscribe to various publications on their tablet PCs or smartphones. In order to meet readers’ needs, the Company’s specialists developed the application program Press LT that allows to read and subscribe to the desired newspapers and magazines from all around the world on one’s mobile device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch). Moreover, using this program one will be able flip his or her favorite magazine’s pages in places without Internet access, for example, while traveling or being outside. The new Penki kontinentai solution is supported by all iOS devices and stands out out due to its modern, exceptionally comfortable and simple multilingual (EN, RU, ENG) graphical user interface. The program users will be able to zoom the text on the screen (without affecting its quality), use links and view additional information on the Internet. The program will also notify the user of all subscribed publication updates i.e. release of a new issue. In addition, Press LT enables publishers to view the offered video clips, which present the new publication topics.