Benefits for publishers

The company Penki kontinentai with its many years of experience in IT solution development constantly monitors the most advanced technology market trends and offers the application program Press LT designed to read and subscribe to periodicals from all around the world in various mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). This program is currently running on iOS devices but the Company is not not planning to restrict itself to them alone. In the nearest future Press LT will be tested on Android OS devices. The program stands out due to its comfy multilingual (EN, RU, ENG) graphical user interface that meets all global trends. It allows publishers to upload their publications, set prices, monitor sales statistics, and manage all uploaded information. In addition, the opportunity is given to add mikrolinks into the text and use them for advertising. All files are uploaded in PDF format so one does not have to be an IT specialist or prepare lots of additional different format documents. The Press LT program is based on the most advanced security solutions similar to those used in the banking sector. They meet all international requirements and ensure consistency of system operation and complete safety of publishers’ data! The program is compatible with social networks (e.g. Facebook). This is a great opportunity to inform an even wider audience about your publications and thus increase the publication poularity and sales figures. Publishers are also given the opportunity to view the complete statistics of publications sold, i.e. individual statistics of each publication for the selected period. All statistics can be transferred to your computer (as graphics, table or diagrams form). In addition, publishers are allowed to add video clips about their publications to the system. The Penki kontinentai creative and experienced visual studio team will take the video clip creation upon themselves and all the publisher will have to do is to upload the link.